The Millard Fillmore $13 Bill.


The Millard Fillmore Bill was printed on a Chandler and Price New Style letterpress at the Manchester Press on warm white 90lb Stonehenge acid free paper in August of 2008. The Fillmore Bills are approximately 6.14″ x 2.61″ printed on front and signed on reverse.

Signed and Numbered Edition of 400 (with 26 lettered edition bill sets) by Fritz Swanson and Jason Polan.

plus $5 shipping and handling

Lettered Edition

26 bills have been printed on handmade, Nepalese LOKTA paper and will be carried around by Fritz Swanson and Jason Polan in their wallet for one week each. The bills will be signed, lettered, and the week of the wallet carrying will be documented by each artist. Corresponding (clean) lettered Fillmore Bill on Stonehenge will accompany your wallet Fillmore Bill.

shipping included


Contact Jason Polan to Purchase.