Good Will Hunting Chalkboard Print

Good Will Hunting Chalkboard PrintIn the movie Good Will Hunting, the character that Matt Damon plays first gets seen by the famous MIT Math Professor while he is doing graffiti on the chalkboard in the hall but it turns out it is not graffiti but a solution to a difficult proof! (This is the second time he was solving some very difficult high level math problem secretively). I have always liked this movie and the shapes he was making in this scene, maybe because I have no idea what they are and maybe because they remind me of an Eames design. I was watching the movie while I was eating cereal but stopped when he was drawing those chalk abstract shapes and drew them on a little piece of paper. Then I thought it would be pretty neat to make an edition of this.

Fritz Swanson printed this edition by hand on a Chandler and Price New Style Letterpress at The Manchester Press. The edition is printed on Dur-O-Tone Steel Gray Paper made by the French Paper Company in Niles, Michigan. The paper has been hand cut to 5.75″ x 3.75″ . The edition was printed from a copper plate made at Owosso Graphic Art in Owosso, Michigan.

They are signed in pencil on reverse and numbered in an edition of 72.

I just looked again at the scene and realize I missed a line on the far right shape in the middle row. Do not tell anyone.

$16 each

Contact Jason Polan to Purchase.

Good Will Hunting math abstracts